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About us/Zomm.

Thomas Kluckner and Waal Sterneberg are the chefs at Zomm. They first met at the Librije restaurant (NL) where they cooked together. After spending years gathering experience abroad, a common idea brought them back together. Their vision of “honest cooking” is now being put into practice at Meilerhof.

Meilerhof, formerly a two-generation family business, is the ideal location for the overall concept behind Zomm.  The basis of this collaborative partnership is all parties committing to handle products as sustainably as possible. Nature defines the rhythm of the cuisine. In spring the first herbs are used, followed by fresh vegetables, fruit and venison. Regional availability influences what will be served.

One aim is nose-to-tail cooking. Apart from the traditional cooking of meat, the use of bones and offal also contribute to the rich variety of traditional Tyrolean cuisine. Local producers only deliver when their products are seasonal, ripe and ready. At Zomm. these products are either used right away or preserved using traditional methods, ensuring both high quality and maximum taste. This way it can also be guaranteed that no artificial additives come into play, which is what honest cooking is all about.

The chefs of Zomm. can do without unnecessary knickknacks, creativity, however, is essential: apart from responsibly dealing with resources, the dishes served in Meilerhof are a playful interpretation of traditional Austrian cuisine.

The Zomm. Team takes a balanced and integrated approach, it wants to think and enjoy food in holistic terms. In the kitchen, with farmers and guests.